Tamper Evident - Tools

Tamper Evident - Tools

             Shrink Tamper Sleeves for Bottle Caps or
             Label Sleeves


Make your products safe and acceptable for retail distribution.
Larger size Shrink Sleeves are suitable for label protection from UV Light. Particularly if using Ink Jet Labels
Easy to install-
Slip tamper dome/sleeve over the cap.
Apply heat with a hairdryer or heat gun.
The tamper dome/sleeve will shrink to fit in seconds.


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Tamper Evident Shrink Dome - Gold/Black 100pc Pack

Product no.: SHRINKGB100

$20.00 / pack(s)
1 piece(s) = $0.20
Delivery weight: 50 g

Tamper Evident Shrink Dome - Black 100pc Pack

Product no.: SHRINKBL100

$20.00 / pack(s)
1 piece(s) = $0.20
Ample Stock
Delivery weight: 50 g

New Hand Crimping Tool for 31.5mm or 32mm Screw On Metal caps (Dorica or Marasca)

Product no.: HANDCRIMPER31.5

Delivery weight: 600 g